“The secret of getting ahead is getting started.”

Mark Twain



Johannis Hatt is a passionate business angel and founder. He studied International Management in Oxford, Paris and Berlin at ESCP-EAP, for which he successfully obtained a master’s degree. After having worked for three years in strategy consulting, Johannis went on to follow his true passion: entrepreneurship.

Johannis has founded several companies. Among those are:

productsup – a cloud-based software provider for managing and optimizing product data with more than 300 people where he acted as CEO until 2021 and serves as advisory board member since then.

Panazee – which develops the first home based health lab that will enable anyone to monitor their inner health daily and become the healthiest versions of themselves.

TCG-Vault – TCG Vault is a secure place to store and manage extensive collections of trading cards online.

Faceadnet – the leading German Vertical Content Network with more than 60 million Facebook fans and over 40 million impressions each month (sold to Ströer).

Myprinting.com (entered into a strategic partnership with Hewlett-Packard) and NativeAds (merged with Seeding Alliance and later sold to Ströer).


Hendryk Hosemann is responsible for the venture and investment management at JVH Ventures. As such he manages the dealflow, investment process and everyday portfolio activities.

Next to his role at JVH Ventures, Hendryk is an active entrepreneur. He founded several companies, including brytes, a SaaS application for psychographic online personalization, TCG-Vault and Panazee. He holds two Master degrees in International Business and Human Decision Science and studied at Maastricht University and National University of Singapore.


Sandra Lux supports JVH Ventures as an administrative backbone. In her role as assistant, she takes care of everyday organizational tasks in order to grant focus of the core business without distraction.

Completing a Master degree in Philosophy with a specialization in business ethics, equipped her with methodical skills that quickly convert abstract thinking into a solution oriented hands-on approach. Sandra is a dynamic enthusiast with strong communication skills, who enjoys working with business experts to facilitate growth on a mutual basis.

Investment approach

My focus is on Angel and Seed stage investments in fast growing and highly scalable startups in growing markets led by dedicated entrepreneurs that are passionate about what they are doing. I invest in people that I would love to work with and who are capable to implement the quick iterations needed to make a startup company successful.

“I invest in people. I think: people first, projects second.”

Bruno Zheng Wu

Investments / Portfolio

direct investments


Lenzbox is the first ready-to-go contact lense case with automated cleaning and dry withdrawal. With the subscription based refill of the case, contact lense owners can free up their mind to use their lenses hassle-free and without the risk of potential eye infections.


Sanos Group is building tomorrow‘s health-tech innovations. It’s software solutions serve dental clinics and help them increase revenues and decrease costs.


Everjump is creating the most fun, efficient and accessible workout for everyone by offering an innovative jump rope system and a digital personal trainer.


The self-service returns center for eCommerce stores that want to automate their returns process and improve their customer experience.


Datazeit is developing a unified market intelligence solution to help brands to spy on competitors’ strategies, understand customer voices and give them the power to compare their products with millions of other products by connecting web, social and internal data. Fast, worldwide and in one place.


VillaCircle enables a new and larger audience to purchase high quality vacation properties. The innovative managed co-ownership model guarantees the pro-rata acquisition of true ownership at a fraction of the normal price and without the expense and challenge of ongoing management.


EqualTo is the no code sales commission operating system for high-growth sales teams. We are the missing piece of infrastructure needed to automate the commission process and maximize the ROI on sales commission.


Cleverly is the online platform for the perfect tutoring experience that holistically supports both students and parents. Next to offering handpicked tutors, Cleverly builds on a mentoring system that guides students along their entire school journey.


Olive is building a transactional and gender neutral community for parents. Interaction is Q&A based, connecting users either to peers or to experts for their specific questions.


Lvndr is redesigning sexual and reproductive healthcare services through a mobile-first digital clinic designed for LGBTQIA+ individuals.


Inne is dedicated to empowering women to tune into their bodies and make informed decisions about their health. We push the boundaries of science, technology and design to enable women to take control of their health and live their whole lives to the fullest.


Industrial Technology and Witchcraft is a games development company eager to make great games that a new generation of kids will soon recall as part of their youth.


Beducated claims: Sexual Happiness is trainable. Their sexual wellness online trainings are in the same time classy & stylish as they’re proven to get results. In collaboration with doctors, therapists and sexologists they create an online curriculm – “the Netflix for Sexual Education” – that can be streamed straight into the bedrooms.


Kyte redefines car rental with consumer centricity and a decentralized cloud-fleet model


Owning the world’s largest and growing,
most accurate set of online sales data peekd can provide market insights nobody else can


CoachHub is a Software as a Service platform and marketplace for coaches.


LILLYDOO is an online provider of stylish and skin friendly baby care products. The focus is on comfort and optimal skin friendliness, so LILLYDOO diapers are free from perfumes, PEG- emulsifiers and parabens. LILLYDOO’s 100% fair and flexible diaper subscription enables parents to spend more time with their children and less with shopping for diapers.


Get It Done is a fast-growing ecommerce platform that enables brands and online stores to offer appropriate home services to accompany their products – turning them into outcomes. This is done via a nationwide network of local service partners.


Adent Health has developed an app where the user takes pictures of his/her teeth and mouth. Based on data and analysis of millions of mouths, the AI scan provides personal insight and tailored recommendations to maintain good dental health. It is the world’s first AI smartphone-only dental home scan (CE marked and TGA certified medical device).


repareo is an independent online information and price comparison portal helping users with its intuitive and efficient search engine to find an auto repair shop that fits their needs. repareo also offers professional posts written by experts so that users can get the information they need before they go to their car dealer.


Ovy connects cycle app and fertility thermometer to predict the day women ovulate. Ovy’s algorithm is based on the well recognized symptothermal method for fertility tracking. Ovy is a class 1 medical product.


Berlin-based Everphone is a one-stop-shop solution for companies that issue cell phones to their employees. Instead of managing these phones in-house, Everphone takes care of everything from fast repairs to consultation regarding tariffs and phone equipment management.


Widgetbook – the collaboration platform for Flutter frontend teams. Widgetbook’s open source package allows Flutter developers to catalogue their widgets in one central library and share it with designers, product owners and clients to simplify review processes.


The leading employee assistance platform. Evermood is a software company that provides employee education and support products to improve well-being and reduce turnover.

Investments in Funds


FLEX Capital is a Private Equity Fund for profitable and growing companies in the German Internet and Software Mittelstand founded by a team of successful entrepreneurs and investors. FLEX Capital is run by 6 successful and seasoned entrepreneurs who founded startups and developed them to industry leading companies with operations on all 6 continents.


Cavalry Ventures is a Berlin-based early stage venture fund. Cavalry Ventures invests in early-stage, disruptive companies. Cavalry is founded and led by a team with deep founder and investment experience themselves. Cavalry is a hands-on, operations-driven and laser-focused on enabling early stage entrepreneurs who have the ambition to transform important markets to build the next big thing. Investments in all three Cavalry funds (CV I., CV II. and CV Opportunity fund).


STS invests in exceptional teams with business ideas that work. STS Ventures covers the whole spectrum of investment rounds from pre-seed to later stage or in financial terms, up to €2 million per case. STS highly commits to portfolio companies and regularly does follow-on investments.


Silvertree Internet Holdings is an investment growth partner, based in South Africa that conceives, launches, supports and invests in startups targeting the South African and Sub-Saharan African markets.


Calm/Storm Ventures is a founder network and boutique venture capital firm that invests in solutions improving health and wellbeing. They invest in founders that change lives for the better. Calm/Storm Ventures believe in lifelong learning and personal growth, empowering entrepreneurs with unique access to successful founders.


The World Fund is the biggest European Climate Tech VC fund investing in startups that contribute to solving the climate crisis. It focuses on the key emitting sectors Energy, Food & Agriculture, Manufacturing, Buildings and Transport. The World Fund aims to fill two significant investment gaps for climate tech: when tech goes from lab to market and when it leaves the pilot stage to scale. They invest from Seed to Series B stage.


Run by Wunderlist and Pitch founder Christian Reber and Blinkist founder Niklas Jansen, interface Capital is an early-stage VC that brings along a community of entrepreneurs to invest in iconic technology.



pixx.io is a Media Asset Management software for smaller and larger teams. They enable efficient cross-organizational collaboration by making organizing, sharing and integrating images, graphics and video assets easier.


Owning the world’s largest and growing,
most accurate set of online sales data peekd can provide market insights nobody else can



Productsup is the leading software for managing and optimizing your product data feed. Productsup provides cloud-based software for managing and optimizing product data. The software enables users to import product data from multiple sources, analyze and optimize it, and distribute custom feeds to unlimited destinations – quickly and easily.


Monitor your inner health with Panazee.


AngelDesk is the all-in-one SaaS platform for business angels and private startup investors. The software suite covers solutions and guidance from dealflow to exit, while bringing the early-stage ecosystem closer together.


TCG-Vault is a secure place to store, collect and manage trading cards in a native digital environment – focussing on Magic: The Gathering.



Heinz Mack – Heinz Mack, born in 1931 in Lollar (Hesse, Germany), attended the Academy of Arts Düsseldorf during the 1950s. In 1956 he also earned a degree in philosophy at the University of Cologne. Together with Otto Piene he founded the group ZERO in 1957 in Düsseldorf. Investment in paintings – e.g. I like the colours of your mind, 2008; – Lava, 2008.


Jens Lorenzen: Jens Lorenzen was born in 1961 in Schleswig. After graduating from high school and training as a journeyman carpenter, Jens Lorenzen studied painting under Prof. Hermann Albert at the HBK in Braunschweig. The painter’s oeuvre has always been influenced by art history and biography: from stays in the USA to the examination of Pop Art and fresco painting of the Italian Renaissance. Jens Lorenzen’s works have been part of numerous renowned solo and group exhibitions for over 20 years and are presented at international art fairs, including Art Karlsruhe, Art Miami, Kunst Zürich, the Zona Maco in Mexico and Art Central in Hong Kong. In addition, the works of Jens Lorenzen are represented in important art collections (including Axel Springer Verlag, Commerzbank, Museumsberg Flensburg, Norddeutsche Landesbank, Volkswagen Bank). Investment in paintings: SGT. FURY and Converse


Banksy: Banksy is an anonymous England-based street artist, vandal, political activist, and film director. His satirical street art and subversive epigrams combine dark humour with graffiti executed in a distinctive stenciling technique. His works of political and social commentary have been featured on streets, walls, and bridges of cities throughout the world. Investments in spray on canvas: „Paranoid Pictures“, „Heavy Weaponry” and sculpture “Bullet Hole Bust”.


Magic: The Gathering: is both a collectible and digital collectible card game created by Richard Garfield.Released in 1993 by Wizards of the Coast, Magic was the first trading card game and has approximately twenty million players. Investment in cards on the “Reserved List” like: Black Lotus