Business Insurance. Liimex is a full-service insurance manager providing better visibility and control over your firm’s entire insurance portfolio. The intuitive platform handles your insurance needs end-to-end. Liimex uses artificial intelligence technology and machine-learning to assess risks in completely new ways to select insurance coverage for your company.


Sapaso is the leading service provider for the professional management of membership fees, simplifying accounting for gyms and sports clubs and increasing planning security. Sapaso takes care of all direct debiting procedures as well as the communication with members regarding their fees.


Zue Anna is a high quality, sustainable and animal friendly fashion label for men and women that uses Australian merino wool for its products. Based on Zue Anna’s transparent approach, customers can use their personal sweater code to understand which animals the wool for their sweater came from and how / by whom their wool became a ready-made sweater.


Booking Platform for Indonesia. HSH Stay makes your life easy. HSH Stay offers about 1,000 exclusive low-budget Homestays all over the place, designed for people’s needs. At the same time HSH Stay supports the locals and keeps the culture alive.


Supernaturals developed a vegan dietary supplement consisting of 21 superfoods. The product comes in small single dose flasks providing users with an extra portion of nutrients that cover 100% of the daily requirement for all vitamins as simply, conveniently and efficiently as possible.


Twyla is an artificial intelligence messaging platform that puts a smart chatbot in your live chat channels, to answer questions, deflect tickets and free up your agents.


autengo is an all-in-one SaaS platform for car dealers. Its mission is to transfer the stationary car trade into the internet and make it competitive in a digital environment. autengo supports car dealers in digitizing their processes and provide advice when needed. Its broad software enables them to manage cars, customers, messages, appointments and online advertisements.